Planning future weekends and vacations.
Visited the Nezu Museum.
Beautiful garden outside of the Nezu Museum.
After the Nezu Museum I sat down at Tsutaya Books to work a little.
Also took a short trip to the Todoroki Valley to enjoy the scenery.
Todoroki Valley
On my way home that day.
The Penis festival in Kawasaki. Don't ask me how I found this event...
People dressed up in various outfits, a lot of men dressed up as edo-era prostitutes, couldn't catch a photo of this however.
Penis lollipops. I gave this one away
I did eat this one though!
After the parade we went to the food market. Almost all food was shaped in a specific manner.
I ate some Okonomiyaki at a street vendor.
Me and Eric went and saw King Kong in 4D at Shinjuku Toho Cinema
Sushi afterwards ;)
Went drinking with Jorge and Ryo