Not a lot happened this week, I jumped on a train and let it take me to it's last stop which happened to be Inokashira. Here I found Inokashira park with a large pond, a zoo and further down you find the Ghibli Museum. I visited the 7-11 shop nearby and bought a ticket for the museum but had to wait until May since it was almost sold out. Close to the park I found some great second hand places which I had to check out. It was really relaxing just sitting drinking beer by the park so together with my japanese friend Mai, I visited the place the next day as well.

For the rest of the week I mostly worked and was too lazy to do anything special, though I did hang out with friends and eat at an Izakaya and a Korean BBQ place.
Had dinner with Jorge and his friends at this cozy Izakaya
Found on the bathroom of the Izakaya (It's the owners)
Bought myself some sunglasses
Korean breakfast together with my roommates
Later we saw a movie and ate korean BBQ